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LeafSeparatorJerry Fritz on the Martha Stewart Show October 25, 2010

Martha Stewart Show

Jerry Fritz and Martha Stewart



Last Monday, it was such a treat to accompany Jerry to The Martha Stewart Show. A week prior we had gathered all of the chartreuse plants at the nursery, including a few irresistible specimens from the display beds. We put them into aged terracotta pots, and groomed them for television. We also cut flowers and interesting foliage from the gardens which included Aster tartaricus ‘Jindai’, Salvias, Spirea thunbergii ‘Mellow Yellow, Grasses, Amaranth, Hydrangeas, Itea and Cardoon. We departed from Linden Hill Gardens with two car loads full of plants. My vehicle carried the cut flowers and pumpkins (Reid Fritz gave each person in the audience a homegrown ‘Jack be little’ pumpkin), and Jerry’s transported all of the potted plants – a rolling, glowing sea of chartreuse!



We arrived in NYC and the plants were swiftly unloaded and brought up to the set. I was excited to  see the behind-the-scenes workings and bustle of a show such as Martha Stewart. The staff at the show are so friendly, helpful and sweet! They artfully arranged plants and coordinated plans for the show the next day, October 19th. There is even a permanent plant area on the set, a beautiful nook with orchids, begonias, ferns and other specimens, cared for by the show’s gardening expert Andrea Mason.  The other sections such as the kitchen and craft sets were spotless and tastefully decorated (is this a surprise?). The ceiling was totally covered in lights, and the cameras were huge and on wheels.

Martha Stewart Show Set


  The next morning at a coffee shop, Jerry rehearsed the script with fervor and noticed a patron in a full length chartreuse coat with a white flower print. On the way to the show, we accidentally walked in the wrong direction, quickly corrected the mistake, and were right on time.


Chartreuse Plant Display

The show is live, and Jerry did the segments with ease and charisma.  Martha seemed to love all of the chartreuse plants, and commented that her guests often inquire about the Lonicera nitida (Boxleaf honeysuckle). The second segment on Creating a Fall Arrangement was especially fun to watch, and I hope that it encouraged others to make a fall bouquet. The cardoon leaves didn’t make it into the final arrangements, but they do last a long time after being cut, and make a bold and unexpected addition to a composition. (We have plenty of mammoth cardoons growing here at Linden Hill).


Cut flowers used in the segment

Hedgehog gourds for Martha Stewart

Hedgehog gourds for Martha Stewart

Along with some attractive plants, Jerry gave Martha a gift basket of…-Chartreuse hedgehog gourds!!!



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