A Cross Country Journey for Some Very Special Plants

A Cross County Journey

I will soon be travelling to Oregon with Peter Dubose, my Operations Manager, and partner in our new endeavor- “Premium Plants, LLC”. We are going there to hand-dig an entire private collection of hellebores for shipment back to Ottsville.  It all started thanks to my good friend, Dan Heims, of Terra Nova Nurseries in Portland Oregon. Dan phoned me saying “Fritziee….Call me, I have an opportunity for you.

So, with that said, we have purchased the entire inventory of the well-known hellebore nursery, Honey Hill Farms. Jim and Audrey Metcalf have been growing and breeding hellebores for over 40 years. They are responsible for two very valuable hellebores – ‘Honeyhill Joy’ and ‘Honeyhill Peace’.  Their successful business all started with a casual plant trade- they swapped some goutweed for a pretty white hellebore, and an obsession was born.  As their fervor and interest grew, they delved into breeding better plants with larger, more up facing blooms, improved form and color along with cleaner foliage.

double-hellebor3single-hellebore11 single-hellebore5

Peter and I are honored that the Metcalfs have selected us as the recipients of their prized collection of breeding stock. We will soon be offering a selected inventory of these beauties for sale, once they complete the cross-country journey from Portland, Oregon to arrive at Linden Hill Gardens in Ottsville, Pennsylvania.

In anticipation of high demand for these one-of-a-kind specimens, we will be offering select days/times when our loyal Linden Hill customers can come preview the collection and have the first opportunity to select and purchase these amazing plants for placement in their own gardens.

Think spring and be well,

Jerry Fritz

PS I am also excited to announce that I have an article on hellebores appearing in the early spring issue  of Garden Design Magazine. Please click here to preview!