Jerry Fritz Garden Design and Linden Hill Gardens – Gearing up for Spring!


Jerry Fritz Garden Design & Linden Hill Gardens – Gearing up for Spring!single-hellebore5 green-hellebore-with-bee double-hellebor3

Hellebore Festival is this weekend at Linden Hill

Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm

Can it be that spring has sprung at last? It seems Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time to warm things up for us this season. While the weather may not be optimal for planting out of doors, it is a good time for planning!

I thought I would share with you a teaser of just a few of the plants I am especially excited to be offering this year both to my landscape clients as well as at Linden Hill Gardens. Stop in soon and hear about what else we have planned for 2015. It’s going to be a great year! –  Jerry

Regular Spring hours are: OPEN Thurs – Sun 11am till 6pm


bergenia ciliataBergenia ciliate – Unlike any other bergenia you have seen, 12” hairy leaves with white flowers and pinkish/red-streaked throat. Leaves turn brilliant red and orange in fall. (Hardy zone 5 – 8)

epimedium amber queenEpimedium ‘Amber Queen’ – Grows 24” tall with an abundance of bright yellow, spider-like flowers tipped with orange-red.

patrina scabiosifoliaPatrina scabiosifolia ‘Golden Lace’ – Grows 5’ tall all summer long. Displays bright yellow, see-through lacy blooms.  Even with the extreme height, rarely needs staking.


digiplexis 'Ilummination Flame'Digiplexis ‘Illuination Flame’ – Grows 36” tall by 18” wide and blooms from May to September. The spectacular orange/apricot flowers attract butterflies and like full-sun to part shade. Sterile (Hardy to zone 8-10)


fagus sylvatica var. heterophylla 'Aspendiifolia'Fagus sylvatica ‘Asplendifolia’ – Fern leaf beech with long slender and deeply lobed leaves creating a fern-like appearance.  With an oval form and low branching habit this is a superb tree for attracting wildlife.

ptelea trifoliataPtelea trifoliata – (Hop tree) This native tree grows 15 – 20’ with a rounded form . Good choice for planting in heavy shade.  Blooms May/June with creamy white orange-scented clusters attracting butterflies and is also an important caterpillar food source.  Shiny, yellow to green leaves turn yellow in fall.  Also makes an excellent hedge.  (Hardy to zone 3)


leucosptrum japonicum 'Golden Angel'Leucosptrum japonicum ‘Golden Angel’ – (Japanese Shrub Mint)  Grows to form a 3’ tall x 3’ wide mass of golden yellow leaves which become topped in October and November with bottle-brush like flowers. (Hardy to zone 4a-8b)


I hope to see you all again soon! Let us know if you have any questions

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