Compost 2015 ‘The Good Stuff’

Yes, that’s right…’s finally back!


jerry on compost 1

We’ve got the Good Stuff

Now is the time to refresh your garden beds with a top dressing of our ‘custom blend’ compost.

A combination of AGED cow manure, top soil, leaf mold, decomposed wood chips, mushroom soil, perlite, sand, organic slow-release fertilizer…..and LOVE.

Great for raised vegetable beds, new flower beds and older planting areas that could benefit from an little added ‘oompf’ this season.

The consistency, texture and moisture levels look great this season. Full of nutrient-rich earthworms to help aerate your garden.compost with signs

I have been busy blending compost this week to just the right mixture and we now have a sizable pile ready to go!

Call today 610-847-1300 or stop in to schedule a delivery or pick up

 “The foundation of a good garden starts with great soil” — Jerry Fritz

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