Drought Tolerant Plants for the Garden

Drought Tolerant Plants for the Garden

The Northeast has been experiencing much dryer conditions than normal. This is extremely problematic for both new plantings as well as older, established gardens. Even with some rain in the  forecast this week, we are still at a deficit overall, and the coming summer is bound to be rough. Here are a few tips to help ride out these dry spells:

  • Amend the soil with rich, organic compost such as the kind we sell at Linden Hill. Our combination of fertilizer, manure and soil additives ensure a good head start for your newbies by retaining moisture content in the soil beds.
  • Water all new plantings  frequently, ensuring they do not dry out. Continue to water well once or twice during the heat of summer .Saturate the root balls to increase the chances of later survival during a drought.
  • Mulching with a fresh layer of approximately 2″ of high quality much will protect the roots and help seal in moisture as well as discouraging weeds.

Consider planting “drought resistant” perennials and shrubs. These we find especially resilient and able to bounce back after prolonged dry periods. This also helps during a dry and cold winter season. Linden Hill has these in stock and we invite you to stop and learn more about  thoughtful drought planting.

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  Ilex verticillata- Winterberry Holly


A deciduous holly that is native to eastern North America. Year round interest, highlighted by the showy display of red berries in winter. Mass or group in shrub borders, foundations, native plant areas or bird garden.

 Hydrangea paniculata Limelight


A vigorous, upright, rapid-growing, somewhat coarsely textured, deciduous shrub that is native to China and Japan. It features oval dark green leaves and upright, sharply-pointed, conical, terminal flower panicles  containing both fertile and sterile flowers (mostly non-showy fertile flowers) that bloom from mid-summer into fall. Mass or group in the mixed shrub border or open woodland garden. Also effective as a lawn specimen, accent or hedge. Provides late summer bloom when few other shrubs are in flower.

Nadina domestica- Heavenly Bamboo


A broad leaf evergreen shrub that is grown for its interesting foliage and its often spectacular fruit display. It is native to Japan, China and India. Plant form, foliage, fall color, spring flowers and fruit make this an interesting ornamental for the landscape. Deer resistant in most areas as well. Group or mass for best effect.

 Spiraea japonica- Anthony Waterer


A compact cultivar that grows to 2-3′ tall and to 3-4′ wide. crimson flowers in appear in a showy bloom from late spring to mid-summer. New foliage emerges with reddish purple tinting in spring, matures to blue-green by summer and finally turns reddish in fall.  Flowers are attractive to butterflies and deer resistant in most areas as well.

 Abelia – Rose Creek


A compact 2-3′ tall and to 3-4′ wide.Lustrous leaves with a pinkish cast emerge on crimson stems, mature to dark green and turn purple-green in winter. Blooms with showy white flowers all season long. Its compact size makes an excellent foundation, container or low hedge plant. Deer resistant in most areas as well.