Summertime Garden “To-Do” List

Summertime Garden “To-Do” List

august in the garden butterfly bush

The dog days of summer have arrived, this is the time when your garden needs you most. Watering is important and should be done slow and long. What does this mean? A long, slow soaking in the early morning is much more beneficial to your garden than a quick shower of simply wetting the foliage. Newly planted plant material should be given special attention on these hot and dry days. Particularly, Hydrangeas, Spirea, and all perennials that have not yet developed their new root system need a little TLC.

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Other tasks to add to your to-do list include:

1- Pruning/deadheading to promote continuous bloom and make the bees and butterflies happy.

2- Fertilizing of containerized plants – Nutrients are depleted quickly because of extra watering and fertilizer is necessary for your plants to keep blooming. Cut back any leggy growth.

3- Planting of fall cold crops in your vegetable garden.

4- Dividing of perennials- start with German Iris. Stop in and see us at Linden Hill if you need guidance on the proper way to do this.

5- Start thinking about Spring Bulb orders and what you want to plant this fall.

6- Keep weeds under control to prevent them from going to seed and spreading throughout your garden.
7- Dead head your continual blooming Hydrangeas to encourage re-bloom.
8- Plan your fall plantings to fill in holes that have formed during the season.
Remember….. “any day in the garden is better than a day at work”
Enjoy your summer!