Time for a Fall Clean Up

leafFall Garden Chores and Hints

fall 2015 026

Cutting back perennials is important for plant health, pest prevention and general garden maintenance at the end of the growing season.

Cutting back now while the weather is still warm will give your garden a head start come spring.

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Moles and mice love to nest under and in plant materials to stay protected from the frigid winter temperatures.

They also feed on the roots and foliage throughout the season.

Cutting back reduces the possible hiding places and food sources.

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Bait and traps will help reduce the population – especially around the areas that have been planted with spring flowering bulbs.

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Fall is a great time to add plants to the garden, but don’t  forget these new additions need water to encourage new roots to grow before the ground freezes solid.

New roots will prevent heaving in the spring and give your  plants a fresh start when the weather starts to change in the coming spring.

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Fall fertilizing  encourages root growth, we recommend Espoma Fertilizers for fall feedings, as they slowly release the nutrients throughout the winter.