Time for some Holiday Cheer!

‘Tis the season!


Festival Holiday Decorating with Natural Gifts from Linden Hill

Fresh Mixed Greens Wreath

Mixed green wreaths always add a festive touch. Ours are crafted by hand using freshly gathered boughs. These wreaths will add beauty and spirit to a front entrance or foyer at your home and business. We offer different combinations of materials, including fir, boxwood, chamaecyparis, rhododendron and juniper with berries. Look closely to decide which of these bountiful ensembles strikes your fancy. You can also choose your own unique bow, with options ranging from traditional red velveteen to flashy, glittery chartreuse, with every color in between.

Wiltpruf to Protect your Fresh GreensJerry’s secret wreath care tip: For longevity, we spray our wreaths with Wiltpruf, which keeps them fresh and prevents moisture loss. Try to keep your wreath out of direct sun and away from heat. You can also mist your wreath daily with water to keep the greens looking their best.


Holiday Bouquet







Fresh winter bouquets created using the abundant green materials gathered here at Linden Hill. These make wonderful unique and attractive centerpieces for use indoors or out. We also have the very popular, robust bunches of freshly cut winterberry. Make sure to keep all of these bouquets in fresh water, changing out daily, to ensure long lasting beauty.

Holiday Plants GroupingHoliday houseplants include varieties of amaryllis, colorful mixtures of cyclamen, paperwhite narcissus, These make delightful hostess gifts, or as an interesting centerpiece on your own dinner table.  We also have a variety of our very popular, one-of-a-kind terrarium glass orb ornaments, glassware, ornaments and other signature creations.

LeafSeparatorFor garden-related gift giving, Jerry’s book, Lessons from Linden Hill,  it is a hands-on manual brimming with practical how-to advice for creating our look in your own garden. Consider giving one of our special edition holiday gift certificates in any amount.










leafIn the Cottage you will find Thymes Frasier Fir candles, and Greg White handcrafted and individually glazed porcelain cups.

Thymes Frasier Fir Candles   cupsglass orb Linden HIll


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