New and Noteworthy at Linden Hill

If you haven’t yet been to Linden Hill Gardens this spring, you’re in for a big surprise. We have many exciting changes to share with you!

New Days and Hours

In 2017, Linden Hill will be open Saturdays and Sundays only, from 10am to 4pm. During the week, we’re concentrating on supporting Jerry and Evan’s amazing design work in the landscape design side of the business. On the weekends, we’re all about you!

New Staff

When you visit us, you’ll see two new smiling faces in our retail area: Joe Resch and Leah Papp. Technically, our retail manager Joe’s not new—he joined us last summer—but this is his first year setting up the nursery from a blank slate, and he’s done an amazing job of it (more on that next). Leah is enthusiastically assisting him in her role as ‘retail specialist’. Both Joe and Leah are gardeners themselves and are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for or suggest something new to enhance your garden. Lending a hand on Saturdays will be Peggy, an interior designer who has an especially good eye for color combinations. Peggy will be happy to help you select just the right plants and then check you out with a smile!

Nursery Features

Be prepared for a completely new shopping experience once you step through the Greeting Barn. If you’re short on time, check out the latest arrivals close to the entrance. We encourage you to plan for a long visit, though, because we now have quite a few “garden rooms” for you to browse through. By popular demand, we’ve brought back a number of old favorites, including “Works for Walnuts” and a greatly expanded area just for deer-resistant plants. We also have spaces dedicated to plants for pollinators, seasonal stars, and a hydrangea haven. No more need to guess if the plants you fall in love with will work together: We’ve already done the work for you.

New Garden Spaces

It wouldn’t be Linden Hill without new gardens to enjoy as well. The new Lilac Walk by the office is filling out nicely right now, and the planting around the farmhouse looks sharp too. There will also be a fantastic new area coming in the next month or two, between the farmhouse and barn: The Chartreuserie!

‘Space Invaders’ epimedium (Epimedium)

New Plants

Jerry’s knack for finding new and noteworthy plants is working overtime this spring. For shady spaces, consider the out-of-this-world flowers of ‘Space Invaders’ epimedium.

‘White Gold’ bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis)

For partial shade, ‘White Gold’ bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis, formerly Dicentra spectabilis) is a must-have, with bright chartreuse foliage that perfectly complements the chains of pristine white hearts.

For sun, check out our extensive selection of hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum). If you’re not used to thinking about hens-and-chicks as trendy, well, we think it’s about time they should be more widely admired. Their variety of colors and leaf forms deserve to be appreciated up close, and they show off beautifully in containers, looking equally at home in an elegant stone trough or an old muffin tin.

We have many already established in clay pots and also sell them in plastic pots in case you want to move them to a special container you already own.

‘Oddity’ hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum tectorum)

Those are just a few of the gems we have available at the moment. Whatever your interests, we’re sure to have something to tempt you, so make a trip to Linden Hill one of the highlights of your spring weeks!