From Our Customers

“My husband and I drove up from Media, PA last weekend for your succulent sale.  I was not disappointed.  What a selection! I brought my container with me. I’d looked everywhere for a trough for chickens without the wires dividing them but never found the length I wanted.  Then I went to a local garden center, 15 mins. from our house.  I knew there was a container that I’d liked.  I’d seen it when I met a friend for lunch one day, still galvanized but a little more rustic.  I was looking for modern, galvanized 4” wide and approx. 36” long for a gift for my daughter’s new teak patio table rimmed in zinc at her Mooresville, NC home. This long story is my way of telling you that, while I found my container 15 mins from our house, we drove 1 ½ hrs (give or take) to buy our plants from you!  Two weeks earlier we also came up on a Saturday and bought more shade plants.  We’d been up during your hellebore sale as well and loaded up.  Your choices are funkier and more interesting and varied than any I’ve seen. I’ve fantasized over having a table on the gravel under your Linden trees, longed for the vision in my yard of planting a garden such as the one we see when we first get out of the car and turn around to the left, just love the visual lush richness that you have created on just about every inch of your land.  Even your arrangements of plants and how you display them has an artistry, they are not in straight rows.  If there are those, at the end is a mix of color, size and texture showing how wonderful each makes the other.

 We find it so relaxing, such a pleasure and an adventure figuring out what will fit into our simple little garden back in Media. Your staff is wonderful, always helpful and informed and more than willing to answer any little question we may have.  They also have a good eye for an arrangement.  I am working on the planting of my trough this week and am delighted in Bob’s, my (and Carole’s) choices.  This will be a lovely gift for our daughter’s home, which I know she will treasure.  I tell her about Linden Hill and she envies that she isn’t near anywhere that has such selection.  She moved to her house two years ago as second owners and she’s trying to build her plantings.  When we drive down, we’ll bring her the succulent planter and the babies of some we’ve gotten from you over the last few years since we’ve found you.We do love Linden Hill and will continue to support you and your staff for years to come.  I am very lucky I LOVE to drive! Thank you and we hope to meet you sometime in the near future’

“Thanks so much for all your help making Rebecca’s wedding so special! The garden and reception areas were beautiful. We can always count on you!”
-S. M.

“Many thanks for hosting our group on Monday. You provided us with very useful info and wonderful stock. Your sense of humor and graciousness made Linden Hill and enjoyable part of our day.”
-J. R.

“On behalf of the Master Gardeners of Mercer County, we wish to thank you for conducting the tour of Linden Hill Gardens. We came away with a model for a deer-resistant garden, cottage garden, and what we consider one of your best efforts, the mixed border gardens. We also thank you for the great tips on how to maintain the garden and for introducing us to some rare and unique plant material. We are sure that many of us will return during the course of the year, for we just have to see what is new in the plant world as well as how “The Earth Mound” is progressing.”
-M. E.

“Thanks so much for allowing your gardens to be part of this year’s Mennonite Heritage Center garden tour….On behalf of the MHC board and staff, we are very appreciative of your part in this summer fundraiser.”

“Many, many thanks to you and your hard workers for providing such beautiful gardens to view each week. For gardeners, it is a truly wonderful place to come for ideas and learning. You have really transformed an eyesore into great beauty…. I also enjoy your wit and comments on the garden walks. Jerry – it has really been a treat!”
-J. A.

“A follow-up ‘thank you’ for assisting us, the Bedminster Land Conservancy, with our garden tour. the weather was not very co-operative but you certainly were. We as a group were told guests will be returning to Linden Hill to look and purchase. I have no doubt that will be the case. And Jerry, that was a thoughtful gesture, offering additional plants for the raffle. On a personal note let me say I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to freely share it with others. The excitement you show in your operation is recognized and appreciated.”
-B. F.

“Many thanks for the much needed ‘touch of spring’ on the last Saturday of January! It was wonderful! Thank you for thinking of it and extending the extra effort to carry it out. It was a lovely gift to all of us ‘plant nerds’ and ‘plantaholics.’ Can’t wait for March and the regular weekend events.”
-D. B.